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By: Paul Bernstein, Attorney at Law

Tenants in Chicago have very powerful remedies against landlords who do not comply with the Ordinance governing the relationships between landlords and tenants. What follows are selected sections of the RLTO with my personal interpretations of said sections. My discussion of various sections of the RLTO will be presented in italics.

To familiarize yourself with the sections of the RLTO that are most frequently helpful in dealing with problem landlords, browse the links below:

CONCLUSIONS The RLTO is clearly very protective of the rights of tenants occupying apartments in Chicago. The damages that may be assessed against landlords and owners are very significant. It is appropriate for all landlords to know of and about the RLTO and to make certain that they are in full compliance therewith.

Again, the above and foregoing is not intended to be a full description of the RLTO and all the obligations and responsibilities it places on landlords and tenants. Owners of residential apartments in Chicago should obtain a copy of the RLTO, read it and comply with its terms. Landlords are strongly urged to consult with their attorney about the implications and requirements of the RLTO.