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By: Alan Pearlman, "The Electronic Lawyer" ™

How many times during your normal office day do you either say "I’ve got way too much to do. I’ve got to edit documents, check all my cross references and make sure that all phrases conform to things in a proper fashion." Surely if you are not saying this, at the very least your secretary, paralegal, or someone in your support staff is uttering these syllables! Isn’t there any way that these tedious tasks can be worked through in this computer era?

The answer is yes. Now for the first time you can delegate these, and other tasks to your computer to fully check every aspect of your document. No longer must you edit, proof or review complex transactional documents. The program is called "DEAL PROOF" ™ by Expert Ease Software, Inc.

Deal Proof has put together both artificial intelligence and document analysis technologies into a lawyer’s understanding of large and complex legal documents. What the program does is give your computer four new capabilities.

The first of these is to find and flag errors. It does this by looking at inconsistencies in definitions, section references, numeration and phrases. The best part is it does so not in just one document, but also across several related documents. With one mouse click you have the ability to make sure that your referenced definitions actually exist, all terms are only defined once, each of the defined terms actually is used in the document, all non-conforming phrases are identified, each of the sections that you have referenced really refers to an existing section in the document and that all your numeration in the document is correct! This seems like it’s too good to be true, however, it really is true and it works like a charm.

Next, Deal Proof helps you to maintain consistency throughout by identifying all of your important phrases and keeping them accurate, or as they call it conforming phrases. The program tells you when similar expressions of a phrase, that you used, are not exactly the same. A good example of this is in the following: " such sale, transfer or other disposition" and the phrase " such sale, offer or other disposition". Deal Proof immediately alerts you to this subtle change and allows for the correction, thereby keeping you and your writing consistent.

A third capability is a Web-like technology for hypertext viewing to navigate between related terms both within a document and between related documents. By the addition of hypertext links you can jump from a defined term to its definition and from a section reference right to that section in the current document or one of many different documents! This helps make the searching process a much easier task and allows you to move quickly between the myriad amount of paperwork.

The fourth capability allows you to create and generate a printed report to help you and your staff keep track of and review the complexities of your documentation. These reports allow you to print out the details of defined terms, potential errors, frequently-used phraseology, issues left open, section references, and, of course, a table of contents.

The program was surprisingly easy to use. After installation you merely open your document. An additional Tool Bar will appear on screen, within your word processing program, to allow you to access the functions of Deal Proof. You need not prepare your document ahead of time with a pre-tagging of items and it works entirely within your familiar word processor. You or your staff work on your document as you normally would, but then Deal Proof will indicate any and all possible errors for you to either review on screen or print out in report fashion, or both.

Anyone who works with complex transactional legal documents can appreciate the ease of use and help of Deal Proof. The program boasts the fact that both attorneys and legal professionals who have a deep understanding of the need for flawless documentation created it. Some documents are optimized for use with the program, while others do not work as well and can create several false flags. Therefore, you should be advised that the program was not intended to accurately analyze things like, correspondence, term sheets, memos, letter agreements or amendments to agreements. Deal Proof is ideally suited for such thing as Contracts, Agreements and other such similar items, Certificates of Incorporation, Stock and Option plans, 401(k) Plans, Indentures, Certificates, Notes and Receipts. Most of those items being the type of highly complex documents contemplated by the makers of Deal Proof.

Among an oft missed item when planning a purchase such as this is your system requirements. Deal Proof will require the use of Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, with a minimum 486 processor (Pentium is recommended) 8 MB of RAM as a minimum (16 MB recommended) and approximately 8MB of hard disk storage space will be utilized. Once you get over the systems hurdle you should be up and running with no problem. The program is compatible with both WordPerfect version 6.1 and Microsoft Word versions 6.0 and 7.0.

In the finally analysis I find Deal Proof to be a worthwhile investment for any lawyer or law firm who spends several hours of each day with the tedium of repeatedly revising documentation and proof reading tasks. I highly recommend that you spend time practicing law and letting Deal Proof practice what it preaches, that of making you and your documentation look and be as presentable and as accurate as possible.


Deal Proof by Expert Ease Software, Inc. 150 West 25th Street, 10th Floor, New York , NY. 10001. Phone 800-488-6996 or 212-242-6161. Fax 212-242-8181. WEBSITE WWW. EXPERTEASE.COM. Pricing structure $500/workstation for 1-20 stations and downward for more workstations.

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